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Ruben K Music composer for film, tv, ads, trailer and video games

Ruben K

Music Composer

Ruben K is a spanish music composer for film, TV, ads and video games.

He has recently signed with Warner Chappell Music for the release of a 5-song EP featuring the talented vocalist Alexa Ray.

He has also worked as a library composer for Studio Rev.

Absolute winner in FMC (Film Music Competition) 2021


These are all the pieces that I have composed to date for TV ads and Trailer. Here you can listen to songs that will make you live from the most dangerous adventures to the deepest horror or even a trip back in time.

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Here you can find my work as a music composer in some film scoring competitions such as BIFSC, Zurich Film Music Competition, Score Relief or HBO-Spitfire

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Non-official version that I have made of sound design and music composition for a ‘zombie video game’ in which I have also been in charge of programming.


It’s important for me to know what your goals are, what emotions you want to convey to the viewer and the personality you want for your piece. It is impressive how music changes the perception of a sequence.

That is why I would love to know everything about your movie, short film, trailer, video game or any project you have in mind. It will be a pleasure for me to be a part of it.

Cubase is the DAW that I use to compose, along with some virtual instruments, both orchestral and electronic. Although for large projects that require an orchestral composition, it is convenient to record it with a real orchestra.

Luckily I have a team that could help us with that! Even if you need it, we can take care of the scores, mixing and mastering, musicians and studio booking…

For more information you can contact me here

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