Film scoring music composer Ruben K
Ruben K Music composer for film, tv, ads, trailer and video games

Ruben K is a versatile and award-winning music composer and sound designer based in Madrid, Spain. His sonic palette encompasses a captivating range, from the soaring heights of modern alt pop to the powerful depths of cinematic music, embracing both dark and fantastical realms.

Ruben’s musical journey has been marked by collaboration and recognition. He has partnered with a diverse array of artists, enriching his sound and perspective. His music has been featured on prominent television channels such as ABC, NBC, ESPN, M6, and UNIVISION, as well as in various advertising campaigns and shows including NBA, NFL, UFC or UEFA Champions League among others.

His compositions seamlessly enhance visual storytelling across diverse genres and platforms, providing viewers with dynamic and immersive experiences.

Driven by a relentless creative spirit, Ruben continues to refine his unique style, crafting music specifically designed to elevate film, television, and video game experiences. His ability to shape sonic landscapes that resonate with audiences and enhance storytelling sets him apart as a composer of exceptional skill and boundless potential