Get your licenses & micro licenses for trailer, TV ad, or any other audiovisual project via Studio Rev.

If you want to license one of my songs type «Ruben Contreras» into the Studio Rev search engine or click here to find all my songs.

«With a combined 20 years of experience in the entertainment industry specializing in music in film campaigns, Studio Rev was established in 2019. Working with the biggest film studios as well as national commercial campaigns with prominent entities, Studio Rev is continuing the tradition of providing captivating sound and music to match the diverse mood of trailers, commercials, video games and more.

Browse our database of existing songs, scores, and SFX cues, ready to go when you are. Search by keyword and narrow down your results by music key, emotional feel, category, or pacing. Stems are available for members and micro-licensing options are available for amateurs and tiered-levels of pricing.»

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